New homes, additions, garages

Digging foundation for new property. Existing homes looking to add on. Foundation/slab prep for new garage or other structure.


Tearing down existing structures and hauling away debris.

Local trucking

One load of material delivered or a large amount. We're capable of putting up to two tri-axle dumptrucks to work to help you achieve your desired amount of material

Land clearing

Tree cutting and stumping. Ranging from a few stumps pulled and/or hauled away to large scale land clearing. Were are capable of trucking off stumps/brush if desired.

Septic system installs

Need a quote on a new septic system install? Trying to sell your home but your existing Leitchfield failed inspection? We can help with that. We offer everything from septic installs to small repairs. Licensed and fully insured

Driveway installation/ repairs

We offer everything from driveway installation on new properties to small existing driveway repairs. Bluestone/ gravel

Retaining walls

Stone walls/ decrative blocking walls

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